Wednesday, 27 July 2011


HASANI AUTHORIZED MONEY CHANGER or more familiar with "HASANI" Authorized Money Changer is a full-fledged Money Changer company licensed by BANK NEGARA providing comprehensive Forex services by purchasing and selling of foreign currency as well as liquefaction of travel cheque to the foreign workers / International travelers and locals. HASANI AUTHORIZED MONEY CHANGER is well-established company, which supported by experienced human resources in its area of business. 

HASANI AUTHORIZED MONEY CHANGER provide you with the best service in every foreign currency transaction and give best rates, which come nearest with the world currency market rates. We undertake to buy & sell Foreign Currencies & Travelers Cheques as per BANK NEGARA guidelines. Currency Notes, Travellers Cheque and Forex Tips. 

HASANI AUTHORIZED MONEY CHANGER currency serve conversion of foreign currency from more than 20 nations, such US Dollar, EURO, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, UK Poundsterling, CHF, Singapore Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar, Japanese Yen, Indonesia Rupiah, Saudi Arabian Riyal, Korea Won, Taiwan Dollar, Ringgit Brunei, New Zealand Dollar, Peso Philippine, Bhat Thailand, Yuan China, etc. When you need foreign currency you'll want a competitive exchange rate, 0% commission, and the world's leading travellers cheques without fuss. - so contact us. We supply all major currencies and provide advice on the right currencies to take.